• Rated Voltage: 24 Volt DC.
  • Rated Power: 350W.
  • Maximum Current: 19.2 Amps.
  • RPM (after Reduction) – 300.
  • Torque Constant – 62kgcm.
  • Sprocket: 9Tooth 1/8″ bicycle chain.

Ebike MY1016Z3 24V 350W Geared DC Motor

SKU: GRE 216
  • Ebike MY1016Z3 350W 360rpm Geared DC motor is a popular reduction dc motor & it’s simply the most commonly used motor for scooters, bikes, and quads available in the market! Also due to its robustness, it is also in many DIY projects like Segway, e-cars, etc and in many robots like ATV robots, combat robots etc.It is normally found in the better quality quads and scooters on the market and is classed as a mid-range combination. The low range (usually in the cheap kiddie carts) unit is generally a Johnson or Mabuchi 550 motor hooked together to a plastic toy gearbox (pretty poor quality). Most people use this 250W motor as a starting block for building their own carts, warbot, Segway,etc..etc. It’s suitable for kids up to about 5-7 years old (after that they may be getting a little heavy, and any younger and you won’t be able to catch the kids). These use a common mounting block which makes replacement of a worn or broken motor a painless swap over. They are quite powerful for their small size and extremely reliable.

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