Input Supply Voltage (V) 6V-30VDC
Max. Continuous Current (A) Rated current 5A (8A MAX, cannot be prolonged)
Maximum Output Power 240W
LED display the duty ratio 0-100%
PWM Frequency (KHz) 16
Duty Cycle adjustable 0%-100%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 78*42*25mm

6V 12V 24V 8A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller CCM5D Digital Display LED Motor

SKU: GRE 172
  • CCM5D DC Motor Speed Regulator controls the speed of a DC motor by adjusting Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM).It has operating voltage of 6V-30VDC and current capacity of 8A. It also comes with switch to ON-OFF the system.


    • The display range of 3-digit LED display is “000”-“100”.
    • Adjustable speed range is 0%-100%
    • Fine workmanship and good performance.
    • Easy to use.
    • Long service life.
    • Suitable for the DC motor (or DC load) within 5A, Peak current 8A.
    • Incorporate a push key. Push closed, and then push open

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